Buttonwood Bakery was featured in the Times Leader

Buttonwood’s very own Jennifer Kempinski can be seen picking out the perfect paczki, in the Times Leader article from March 11, 2014. Check out the article!
Though it may be too late to get a Fat Tuesday paczki, it isn’t too late to get a delicious roll for your Easter family gatherings.

Buttonwood's Fresh Poppy Seed Roll

Poppy Seed deserts are a common Polish tradition prepared for Easter. Poppy seeds are doused in symbolism. Some cultures see the quantity of the poppy seeds as a sign of wealth, others as a sign of fertility, and others still, a sign of a good harvest.

Any way you slice it, though, Buttonwood Bakery’s Poppy Seed roll is a sure sign of deliciousness, made from fresh ground poppy seeds, they are available in the store or online.