Classic Ingredients

Signature Products – Nut Roll, Poppy Seed, Cheese, Prune and Apricot filled rolls.

FreshIngredientsBowl1Buttonwood Bakery’s old world recipe for its products calls for the finest ingredients mixed and baked consistently to perfection. Our tender and sweet dough produces an incredibly moist pastry with a light textured consistency that retains its freshness quality (see storing tips) even weeks after coming out of the oven. Our Nut Roll, Poppy Seed and other signature rolls taste great after freezing too. Many of our customers enjoy the convenience of receiving our products freshly baked and then cutting and freezing our big one pound, six ounce rolls into smaller portions to enjoy at a later time.

Did we say one pound, six ounces? That’s right! Made like in the old days for family, each roll is packed from end to end and oozing with baked in goodness from only the best ingredients. Bite into our amazing Nut Roll and savor the taste of freshly chopped California walnuts overflowing in every mouthful. Taste the difference in our Poppy Seed rolls filled to the brim with our blue poppy seed, bought raw and ground fresh right in our bakery (no canned poppy spread on our shelves). Indulge in our cheese filled rolls stuffed with our special blend of cream cheese for a uniquely, delicious taste.

Did we say one pound, six ounces? That’s right!

Our signature rolls not only have a distinct taste, they have a distinctively homemade look too – and we like it that way. Our skilled bakers take great pride in hand-rolling each and every item. No assembly line for us. You will be proud to serve your family and guests Buttonwood Bakery’s specialty products.


Baked when ordered from only the finest natural ingredients and shipped fresh to your door. Best if used within 2 weeks. Store in a cool dry place. Product freezes exceptionally well.